Amazing For Kids Under Under 10

Babymouse #11: Dragonslayer - Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, Matt Holm

This short novel is about a little female mouse who has a great imagination and really likes adventure.The story starts in school where Babymouse is daydreaming while in class and she is dreaming about her being a knight in shining armor and how she slays dragons when suddenly the teacher yells at her and interrupts her from her dream.The teacher then offers babymouse a chance to join the math group and babymouse wants to refuse but she is shy,so the teacher takes her silence as a yes.Babymouse joins the group and msut now make a big journey on learning math and must earn the trust of her fellow teamates,while babymouse is on the team she decides to convert the class into a world of adventure so she convinces her friends that she can help,at the end of the story babymouse shows her teammates  that she has been doing something productive by being succesfull at the last challenge competing against another school.